Affordable Support for Home Users

Computers, Laptops and Mobile Tablets

Local to Gloucestershire, Gloucester, we can repair almost all computer problems you can experience at good affordable rates, we can even get the help you need for free!

Which you can find out more about further down this page.

We offer help for everything technical you have troubles with but mainly services like, Laptop Repair, Laptop Screen repair, PC repairs, Laptop / PC Upgrades, Computer speed up, Phone and Tablet help / Support, internet, Wi-Fi and home networking solutions.

We can help with Windows, Mac’ iPhones and Android Samsung Devices. Also TV’s and other Technology.

Remote Support

We also offer Remote support and after care support on all our services. Please note that I will still be able to repair your computer even if you have no internet access and live on the other side of the world!

We can use tethering from your mobile phone or a video call from your mobile phone, while I direct you on how to fix it.

That way you can avoid your tech having to be posted or delivered.

Delivery is still an option if you choose however at my Gloucester address on appointment.

Confidence In Our Ability

We are not a ‘big’ computer repair shop and this is a highly skilled and experienced profession. But I have been building and repairing computers and gadgets since 1996!

I’m an experienced computer technician with over 20 years of experience, I can fix almost anything, find better solutions or cheaper alternative work arounds.

I would be happy if you would trust in me to look after your technology for you.


I’m available to work Evenings on weekdays and weekends If you are looking for a professional who can look at and repair computers.

Price List

ServiceRemote SupportCost
Laptop RepairYes£50
Laptop Screen repairNo£50
PC repairsYes£50
Laptop / PC UpgradesNo£50
Computer speed upYes£50
After Care SupportYes£10
Phone and TabletYes£25
Remote supportYes£25
We offer many more services but the prices are fixed at £50 or £25 excluding any parts you may need for repair.

Super half Price Computer repairs!

If you have something which needs repairing today and you subscribe to our amazing maintenance service, you can get the repairs done for half price! The services includes the following:

  • Initial Clean up
  • Quarterly Clean Up
  • Access to Remote Support
  • 24/7 Access To Help Desk and Ticket System For any Devices
  • Discount on repairs and upgrades

Subscribe to our Maintenance Service now for only £19.99pm

Do you like this website?

I ask because I set this website up in a day! I worked at it alone and just needed to get something online and working without any hassle, so I have already done the hard work and have the system in-place, I thought I would save you the hassle and offer you websites on my platform so you can get a site without any technical headaches.

I can help you get your business or hobby online with an easy to use affordable solution! Let me handle everything for you! Click the button below to find out more.

Free Support Emails and Q&A Access

All our paid Computer Repair services all include support and access to email support with no additional charge. However, you can use the Q&A as free support via “How to” submissions found on this website (Here) after signing up to our free account. For even more free computer repair help and tech support please also sign up to our mailing list below.

The mailing list will provide daily or weekly emails on How to’s for your technology and even free tips on how best to look after your equipment and how to prevent the need for using repair services!!!

Tips and Support Mail listYou can avoid ever needing to pay for Help again!

Get regular emails on how to look after your devices and never need to pay for help again! You will also receive a free 10% Discount code to use on our website services!

Contact me today for help!

To find out if I can help with your Computer repairs you can contact me via email or contact form found below.

I do mobile computer repairs and maintenance so we have no walk in option but if you ever need to collect, drop off or post anything to me you can find me at:

162 Lower Meadow

Before visiting for computer repairs always arrange with me via email or phone as this is a private home address. Thank you, I look forward to helping you out!